Sahaja Yogis Celebrate Kojagiri Purnima at Chhindwara and gives Realization to 700 Seekers at Chhindwara, India

The Sharad Purnima or Kojagari Purnima was celebrated by the Sahaja Yogis with great enthusiasm at the holy Birth place of Shri Mataji  at Chhindwara, India  on 3rd Oct 09.

The Kojagiri and its significance as per the legend is believed that after destroying  all the Rakshasa and Demons (negativity) in Her Nine Forms in the Navratri days(nine days) to protect Her bhaktas from their satanic spell The Goddess transforms Her Form again and transcends into Her Yoga Nidra Form again as She had emerged from after the invocation by Gods and Deities to salvage the creation from the clutches of the horrible rakshasas like mahisasura.

Ancient Folklore and myth relates the significance of this day with a very sweet legend. It is said that  the Devi on this day ( Full Moon Sarad season that falls on Ashwin month as per the Hindu lunar Calendar) rides on Airavat (the the mythical elephant king and vehicle of Indra) in Her form of Shri Gaja Lakshmi (some call this Form as She Indra Lakshmi) around the entire cosmos (Brahmand).

Some people believe that on this night Shri Laxmi moves about from place to place asking, “”Who is awake?”” (“”Kojagarti””) and She showers  Her blessings on those She finds awake. Hence, the night is spent in festivity and various games of amusement, in honour of the Goddess. So people sit in the moonlight singing songs, bhajans in praise of the Devi or keep themselves entertained in some other way. Thus this Kojagiri night in India is celebrated customarily by observing a night-vigil and other rituals.

It is also marked as a harvest festival in India after the rainy season. Popularly on this day milk is boiled to turn it into a thick paste called ‘kheer’ – and  dry fruits are added to make it delicious that is offered to the Devi and consumed. There is also a tradition to have cool milk cooked with rice flakes on this night. The scientific reason behind this custom is believed as per Ayurveda science that due to transient nature of season change in these days the equilibrium of Bile (called Pitta in Aurveda Science) is disturbed in the body and consuming milk at night helps balancing such agitation and restore the equilibrium of bile in the body.

However, Sahaja Yogis celebrated this day at various places in India by observing meditations and cultural programme to observe this day. Chhindwara had a speacial flavor to celebrate this day. Arounf 70-80 Sahaja Yogis had gathered  from all around at the shrine of Chhindwara (the holy Birth place of Shri Mataji). The program started with a collective meditation around 7 pm in the evening in the meditation hall of this Chhindwara shrine and concluded by offereing Aarti to our most holy Mother Shri Mataji.

After collective meditation, a massive scale Public Program was organized by the Yogis for the new seekers in the open space in the front of the house. Photographs of Shri Mataji were placed in four separate and distinct entrances to attract as many numbers of new seekers for giving them their Self Realization.

As the programme continued the entire environment suddenly transformed into a very light and a day full of joy. The vibrations and the cool were witness to Shri Mataji’s attention on the entire Programme. The program continued through late evening till 11 pm. Approximately 700 people took their Self Realization and felt the cool as every soul realized how important and holy the place was where they were receiving their Self Realization.

After the programme once again the Sahaja Yogis gathered collectively to thank Shri Mataji for this wonderful evening and the programme. All the  Sahaja Yogis collectively had another session of meditation with a number of Bhajans singing in praise of our most Holy Mother Shri Mataji. The programme continued through out the night as it concluded almost around 1 am night with dinner with mahaprasad.

It was indeed a blessings for the Sahaja Yogis and very joyous moment to have Kojagiri celebration at such a holy place and above all to see more than new 700 seekers to get their Self Realization.

Thank You Shri Mataji for this wonderful moment and day to observe. May our millions of Pranam and heart felt surrender be accepted at Your Holy Feet.

Jai Shri Mataji